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Run Spirited: Last year, Michele Magagna was out on a run when she was attacked by a man with a knife, barely escaping a sexual assault. This year, she finished 11th at Western States and she just won the Marquette Trail 50 miler. What an incredible story of resilience and big props to her entire coaching and support team.

iRunFar/AJW: The mystery of American men at UTMB is an excellent and compelling discussion. Best comment I saw recommends that the top men run with Courtney until–and if–they find a need to take off.

What I am not saying is that food or an athlete’s diet does not matter. Of course it matters. What I am saying is that there is no mystical set of special foods for runners. I am saying that conversations about nutrition warrant more nuance than drawing lines in the sand between good foods and bad foods, or “clean” foods and everything else.

Sabrina Little in Trailrunner Magazine.

ultrarunning Magazine: Comprehensive review of the $375 Speedland SL:PDX trail shoe. I saw them in person at WS100 and they’re pretty sweet. But $400 after tax? I’ll pass.

You know who’s loving the fires in Tahoe? The bears.

Alan Abrahmson: Time for Shelby Houlihan to come clean. Abrahmson has tweeted about–and shared–the anti-semitic hate mail he’s received since posting the article.

Western States 100 claims it is the “world’s oldest 100-mile trail race” (still being held), but technically Old Dominion 100 has legitimate rights to that claim because in those early years Western States was actually only 89 miles.

–Hmm. Interesting take. More on the history of Old Dominion in Davy Crockett’s excellent ultrarunning history right here.

iRunFar/Powell: Bryon writes a relatable essay about keep the embers burning when it comes to his passion for running.

SCMP: More on Sania Sorokin, the Lithuanian breaking world records on the lunatic fringes of ultrarunning


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