Ultramarathon Daily News, Wed, Sep 9

I can’t wait to see this film about Rob Krar, Caroline Boller, and Karl Hoagland.

One thing many of us pride ourselves on is the ability to control pain. But is that what makes a good runner, particularly in MUT events?

Snark: How to travel to an ultramarathon.

Meh, not thrilled with this news: Heineken acquires 50% stake in Lagunitas.  And be sure to read the Laguntas boss’ justification and ideas for the future of the company.

Here’s all the methodology and part of the results from the WADA test that was at risk of not being released. When asked in a guaranteed confidential setting, 29% of elite athletes in T&F admitted to doping. At another event, the results exceeded 45%.

In more doping news, Paula Radcliffe (WR holder for marathon) is named on a list of dirty athletes. Here’s her response, and here are Magness’ thoughts. Oh, I hope and hope this isn’t true.

Two and a half weeks until TNF Utah.  Wish I could be there, but there are two reasons I can’t: I’ve got this race two weeks later and I’m hosting a blind beer tasting that night.

Another thing that differentiates ultramarathons in the UK: Interviews with the RD who’s dressed as a fox.

Nicole Studer’s report from UTMB.  Thirty one hours later she crossed the finish line.

NUC whatsoever, but I think these guys should stop attempting this trick.

Tahoe200 is this weekend. I’ll be up there (not sure where on Sat…any help?) watching for URP guests Mark Tanaka, Phil Wiley, and some dude named Meepmeep.  All I know about Meepmeep is that he won the award for “worst feet” at Bigfoot 200 and that he earned his name by saying “meepmeep” when he leaves aid stations.  Obvious guest idea, right?  Other top women include Betsy Nye and Suzanna Bon.  Weather report says it’s going to be a scorcher, so the URP golden shower will likely make an appearance too.

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