Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed Sept 14

Kilian lays out his training plan for 2022/23 while trying to balance home life. David Roche offers his analysis of it right here.

Reddit: A data analyst uses the Bayesian-hierarchical model (sure, I know what that is!) to predict which ultramarathon runners are most likely to finish–or more precisely, least likely to DNF–a hundred miler. While I appreciate the post, I’d love to see it go deeper than just three runners. Anyone know how to use this thing?

Whew! Thank God there’s a new “Trail Running World Series” with its own point system.  Just what we needed!

Kiwi fella runs a marathon in a 45pounds beer can costume.

Well the good news is that the Mosquito Fire is 25% contained and that the weather is tempering. The bad news is everything else. Miles and miles of the Western States Trail have been burned and it’s ravaging everything in its path. Live updates: InciWeb | YouTube |  The Lookout | iRunFar

Paddy O’Leary is set to release a new film about urban trail running in San Francisco and the premier is next Thursday. It’s a running film, so of course there’ll be a group run, some beer, and good fun all at the Sports Basement in downtown SF.

Tabor Hemming talks with Popular Mechanics about trail running.

A Race for the Ages was earlier this month in Tennessee. Here’s some footage from YouTube. Full results right here. For those not familiar, if you’re younger than 40, you run for 40 hours like a typical fixed time race. Over 40? You run for as many hours as your age represents.

Boston Marathon introduces non-binary division with qualifying times that perfectly mirror those for females. Any guys having a hard time qualifying? Here’s your chance.

“When we began running together, I was shocked to see how strong she is,” says Blanchard. “She’s the ideal training partner: always in a good mood, and works extremely hard.”

Hogan had a breakout season, becoming only the third woman ever to podium at both Western States and UTMB in the same year.

What a cool and uplifting story about two of Canada’s best trail runners, Mathieu Blanchard and Marianne Hogan.

Andrea Sansone is a new name to me, but dang, anyone who beats Sabrina Stanley’s Nolan’s 14 FKT deserves to be known. More here from iRunFar.

Some addiction docs are seeing a rise in psychosis caused by cannabis. Full story here.

Alright, cool, this runner has some cool ultramarathon stories and an emotional DNF at a high altitude race this year, but holy cow, the rest of her life is just as interesting. What a great story of persistence, curiosity and resilience.

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