Ultramarathon Daily News | Wednesday, Dec 5

Excellent post by Fegy about the “guilt” of getting drawn as an “else” at the Hardrock Lottery.Β 

Speaking of Hardrock, Nikki Kimball was just elected to the Board of Directors.

Semi-Rad: Why finish lines will get you every time.

It can be hard to learn that Santa isn’t a real man who lives at the North Pole with toymaking elves, or that his G.I. tract can betray him in a publicly humiliating way.

Explaining Santa’s existence to kids, courtesy of Mark Remy. Very funny.

The Angry Jogger is not dealing with Portugal’s stray dog problem well. I love dogs too, but on the loose like that? No thanks.

Who ever is putting the team together for rabbit is doing a mighty fin job of finding men and women in both the trail and road racing world. They had a pretty solid weekend.

Gear check: Part two of an excellent series on adventure planning, courtesy of the Trail Sisters.

Following up on Ellie’s post from yesterday about the importance of half marathons, Jim Walmsley is running Houston and is targeting 64 minutes for an OTQ. Can’t. Freaking. Wait. to watch this!  So just imagine…Jim’s ultra trail prowess now has training blocks that include running at 4:52 pace. He’s going to be on fire next year. 

I remember writing about this guy a few years ago. A 75yo hermit who lives in am off the grid bus in the mountains around BC and races ultramarathons. Now there’s a movie about him that I’m going to watch the second the kids take off for school.

This story is a lot deeper and more complex than this short article suggests. I’ve heard first-hand stories from former NOP athletes with some incredible stories…people with health issues still affecting them 10 years after leaving the team.

Interesting numbers from a year of Strava data. Guess which three sports have more Strava participation than running? Yep, got the easy one. The second one is pretty similar, and no one got the third one.

Got a few minutes. Sit down and read this story about the 1950s…long before the modern age of ultramarathons as we know it, but a time when runners competed against horses.

Jeff Young’s results at CIM this past weekend caught my eye. He ran a 2:41 at age 60. Incredible! Looked into him a bit more and he’s an Alaskan guy who cross trains by working construction. Of course. He also seems to do pretty well on the trails.

I’m having Matt B. Davis from Obstacle Racing Media on the show tomorrow to talk about the Spartan Trail Series. Not just the spectating aspect, but acquisitions, trends, and more. Should be a good talk. I’ve reached out Spartan, series rep Luis Escobar, and series partner Trail Runner Magazine for comments.

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