Ultramarathon Daily News | Wednesday, Dec

Trail runner Mag: Colorado trails paired with local craft brews.

Marathon Investigations: Get caught banditing this race? That’ll be a $500 fine for theft of services. Derek asked exactly what I would have asked...is it enforceable, and has it ever been enforced, and the answer is apparently yes on both counts. Any attorneys care to opine?

Tech: Generally, a prosthetic leg would be seen as an impediment, but not this AI-powered bionic leg. If it’s markedly different than theirs already, I’d love to see what someone like Mackey or Amy Palmiero-Winters could do with it.

Article: Why don’t East Africans dominate on the trails?
Answer: They kinda already do, don’t they?

Maxim: Why traditional craft brewers are launching NA beers. Woohoo! A New Year is coming up…time to make a change?

Trail Sisters: What a lovely ode to her “non athletic” mother who taught her to love the outdoors, to nurses everywhere, to the trail systems that often emanate from hospitals (I had no idea), and to trail running for keeping our mental health in check in trying times.

For those who’ve had a septoplasty before, how long will my smell/taste compromised? I can’t taste or smell or anything and I’m not sure if it’s an overall positive or negative.

HS XC: Take, ahem, less than 17 minutes to watch the girls high school Foot Locker XC championships from last week. What a finish!

Mountain Outhouse: CIM Nike madness, Dreadmill 100, UTWT rundown, USATF MUT ROYs and championships, the passing of Barry Barkley and more.

Inspired by his friend fighting cancer, this guy just finished running a marathon in every single UN-recognized country in the world.

Treeline Journal: Nikki’s report and cool video from Deception Pass 50k. She shares the magic of trail angels, kids cheers, friendly aid stations, and overcoming early mistakes. Nice!

Data and stat people wanna help out with this one? This chart/graph/visualizer from Desert Solstice appears to show a ton of information on laps, age, etc, but I have no idea how to use it. Anyone wanna help?

Excited to interview Bethany Patterson this morning for a recap of her Hellgate 100 and what she’s learned from 20 years on the trails.

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