Ultramarathon Daily News | Wednesday, July 17

Happy Wednesday, everyone! My name is Clint McKnight and I live and run around the trails and roads in central Oklahoma. If you are curious and want to learn more about a few of my misadventures, I post some over on my blog. I am helping compile some news for you a couple of times in the next few weeks while Eric works on his tan.

This is unfortunate. A UK man runs his first ultra and finishes in first place, but a wrong turn at mile 57 of a 100K race adds a mile to his effort and results in a DQ. I know that rules are rules but the added twist to this one is it seems he was told he would still be fine after asking specifically if his wrong turn would DQ him. Thoughts?

A tragic story and I certainly don’t want to cause more pain for folks but I think it is important to have conversations around nutrition, food regulations, self-image, and just what you are putting into your body. This mom says her daughter’s protein-packed diet contributed to unexpected death.

Speaking from experience from my last race that involved lost of heat, humidity, and a healthy dose of humility, I learned the value of staying cool while racing. Here is an iRunFar article on some cooling techniques.

I can’t get enough of Western States! Tim Lambert (previous URP podcast guest) did a great job of talking about his States experience. His report has everything – trains, germaphobia moments, Gordy, Scott Jurek, and Craig Thornley fanboy fun, nosebleeds, and oh yeah he talks about running a really long way and battling through pain while fighting cutoffs. Look do yourself a favor and spend a few minutes reading it here. Just a little taste from the report: “it has become increasingly clear to me that this isn’t about the race, its about the place”. Seriously get clicking and read it! Also if you haven’t listened to Tim’s podcast episode you should give that a listen too. Check that out here.

Keep your bear spray handy! Officials explain approval of controversial Whitefish ultra marathon.

Uh…Keto and animal rights proponents rejoice?

See Outside Magazine, trail runners are sexy, not lazy parasites!

Hey Colorado runners, here are some trail races one author thinks should be on your bucket list. Any others you would recommend?

This may have been posted before and if so I apologize but even so it may be worth a re-read. Talking about running and training for your first ultra in your 60’s.

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