Ultramarathon Daily News | Wednesday, July 24

Hello again, it is Laura Parson, hailing today from the always hotter Dallas, Texas (but I’ll back in comparatively cool Alabama tonight). I’m still marveling over the “Gold Standard” Olympic trials race, but since that isn’t ultramarathon news, and Twitter has all the hot takes covered, let’s just focus on the good stuff.

Did you miss the Fast Women newsletter? All women’s running results are updated as well as women’s running news in the July 22 edition – in this edition, don’t miss another follow-up to the discussion that Amelia Boone started with her revelation about her ED struggles and links to all the best podcast episodes of the past week. Speaking of women-centric news, Trail Sisters has a review of women’s hydration packs. Since I have a permanent chafing scar on my collarbone from my old Camelbak, this is needed and relevant work. Keep ‘em coming.

A weekly backpackers accident post? Seems like the folks at Backpacker update us weekly with the latest in accidents in the trail followed by tips on how to avoid them. With my FKT of the Collegiate Trail Loop coming up in less than a week, all I can do is ask that my grandmother doesn’t read them. You, however, should.

Speaking of FKTs, how about Antartica? Outdoor Journal has a five part series about major modern Antarctica FKT attempts, and the stories are riveting. Just as riveting is the drama about what an Antartica FKT should look like and who really did it unsupported. What is “unsupported” exactly? Is accessing your own resupply box halfway down the trail unsupported? What about taking water from a trail angel? #askingforafriend

In other FKT news, Philip Garcia set 576-Summit Speed Record on White Mountains Grid, which he likened to a lot of 100-mile races where he sleeps in his own bed. So nothing like any 100-mile race I’ve done or heard of, but still awesome.

Wait, I can get better at running just by breathing? That’s the gist of this Trail Runner article, complete with breathing exercises. I’m skeptical by nature, but I can certainly make time to breathe on my Atlanta flight. I might even suggest it for my fellow passengers, who must get off the plane right now the second the seatbelt light goes off at the gate.

Mario talked to Scott Jurek for the Morning Shakeout. I’d say more, but what’s the point? I should have had you at Jurek. #fangirl

Matt Fitzgerald is working on a new book! This week, he writes about the important of having a growth mindset (which, ahem, I wrote about for Salty Running a year or so ago), but he focuses on how to view races to promote development. It’s good stuff, and I’m beyond ready for his next book.

David Roche is back with another good one, this time focusing on the positive benefits of thanking volunteers and being positive whilst racing. This reminds me of Jenn Shelton’s goal to race with a f%#&load of grace, a saying that has graced my desk on a sticky note every since I read about it years ago. I think it’s a great way to race and to live, and I try to practice it in every part of my life. Even on the airplane, when the seatbelt sign goes off, and I have 23 minutes exactly to catch my flight.

Poop and elite ultrarunners. I know I had you at “poop,” but the recent Endurance Planet podcast is full of other goodies too, like heat + hydration. Speaking of other things we don’t really want to know, Dr. Nick has some words about running + alcohol. BLUF: just no. As an abstainer for health reasons, I’m not mad, but you might be.

And, finally, since we got some Europe-centric weekend racing results on Monday (and women-centric ones from me), here are last weekend’s ultra results. Don’t @ me.

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