Ultramarathon Daily News | Wednesday, May 23

Gabi offers up some great advice on conquering your first ultramarathon.

Check out Travis’ video from Canyons 100k. If you’re interested in running this (or Western States) next year, this’ll give you an excellent idea of the terrain and vibe.

When the summer days become unbearably hot in Arizona, the trail running scene turns nocturnal. Great idea!


URP Gear Guy Ben taked a few spring time running jackets into the mountains. Packability? Breathability? Value? What’d Ben think of the Ultimate Direction Moonlight Jacket and the Patagonia Airshed Pullover?

Meet Lucy Barthlomew, the young Aussie trail and ultramarathon phenom who’ll be lining up in Squaw in just over four weeks.

My latest lesson in this sport is never to underestimate an ultra race. The numbers in ultra running are so big and insane that they start to become meaningless in the space between the races, when you’re talking and thinking about them rather than actually running them. After some of the races I had already done, 45 miles seemed like nothing

Adharanand Finn prepares for his first UTMB the summer with a few “baby ultramarathons.”  Our interview with Adharanand is right this way.

As the father of a young girl who’d rather go hiking rather than make crafts, this history of the Girl Rangers was a neat read. I wish there were more options like this today.

Hiker falls to his death while climbing the cables on Half Dome in Yosemite. 

I linked to this story earlier this week about the controversy at the Cleveland Marathon. The 2nd place guy was upset that the eventual winner had his bib covered and should thus be DQed. The officials made a final decision and it seems reasonable: The winner won.

Recent explosion in the prevalence of gluten-free athletes, exacerbated by unsubstantiated commercial health claims, has led to some professional athletes touting gluten-free diet as the secret to their success…However, the implications of confounding factors, including the risks of unnecessary dietary restriction, financial burden, food availability, psychosocial implications, alterations in short-chain carbohydrates (fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides, and polyols), and other wheat constituents emphasize the need for further evaluation.

It’s two years old, but still worth a gander if you’re on the fence about a gluten free lifestyle.

Interviewing Cruel Jewel champ Lee Conner this afternoon. I’m anxious to hear more about her recent wins, trail wisdom, and how she trains for mountain ultras in Ohio.

Everything you ever wanted to know about port-a-johns. And I’ll repeat a story I know I’ve told at least once on the show: If it’s dark out and you’ve got a headlamp on and you’re in a port-a-john, DO NOT inadvertently look down into the pit. Personal experience. Trust me on this. My eyes are forever scarred.

Scott Dunlap’s excellent report on waking up early for a Quicksilver 100k and trials and tribulations he faced along the way..

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