Ultramarathon Daily News | Wednesday, Sep 12

Try to match your workout to your personality type. I don’t know, some of the fiercest ultramarathon competitors I know are pretty chill, passive people. Does it matter?

Everything coaches, parents, and girls need to know about running and puberty.

Step two: How different birth controls affect the endurance athlete.

More by Jade: Her recent on FKT on Vancouver Island alongside husband and running partner Nick. (Link fixed.)

Latest Mountain Outhouse from JamJam: UTMB, Tahoe, FKTs, and more.

This seemingly minor difference affects almost every cell type in the human body—and has proved to be a mixed blessing. Varki and others have linked the loss of the CMAH gene and sialic acids to not just improved long-distance running ability, but also enhanced innate immunity in early hominids. Sialic acids may also be a biomarker for cancer risk.

How a single gene mutation helped humans become long distance runners.

World Mountain Running Championships are this weekend, complete with equal prize money and WADA testing. Here’s the US team.

Can you recognize animal tracks on the trail?

Speaking of animals, Oregon has its first fatal cougar attack.

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