Ultramarathon Daily News | Wednesday, Sep 26

Amy’s lessons from CCC. Number three is most important to remember: Ride the highs and survive the lows.

The herd is being thinned.

Nine year old finishes the Triple Crown. Seems like a balanced kid who just wants some damn Chinese food and to get off his feet for awhile.

“Yes, we take some pleasure in the fact that you might not finish, but we’re mainly just interested in sharing our beautiful trails and drinking a pint with you at the finish whether you ran 100 kilometres or not.”

–Looks like an incredible (and tough!) race coming up in BC .

Really good documentary that shows all aspects of Badwater. Check it out.

An interesting article about what it takes to put together a massive medical team for the Marine Corps Marathon

If you’ve got any interest in running La Ultra in India (one of the highest in the world), be sure to check out Neel’s 13 part series on his journey to the race. He DNF’d, but the prep, kit, and visuals will help out for sure.

What happens when your body says quit but your mind wants to continue. Joe Grant writes about his run and DNF at TdG this year.

Expert talk about how much more the mens marathon record can drop.

Fegy’s run all sorts of races and routes in his life, but he’s most nervous about what’s ahead: Spartathlon.

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