Ultramarathon Daily News | Wednesday Sep 5

Why it’s important to practice speed hiking and moving on tired legs: Your “minimal velocity” can have a huge bearing on your ultramarathon success. Great article by David Roche about something so obvious it’s often overlooked.

Seven good tips for a successful ultramarathon pacer. Number two is key: Don’t be negative. At all. One negative comment can blow up into a full bonk fit.  I’d also add something we discussed in the Rocket Jones interview: Lying is OK. (If you haven’t heard that interview, you’re missing out. Rocket is one of a kind.)

No mention of using podcasts to spread awareness for races and events? No other mktg/ad strategy gets directly into the ears of the target audience–especially at a fraction of the cost. RD’s who use this medium come back year after year, happy with the results. Interested in learning more? Email me here.

–Are you a comms manager looking for a new gig? The WWF is looking for you.

Kelly Wolf gets some well-deserved attention. So stoked to see what she does next.  And for those in Telluride, you’ve got the chance to meet she and Sarah Lavender Smith on Friday for a book signing. (Details in link.)

“With the continued positive tests, the time has surely come to consider when the patience afforded to Kenya runs out.”

–Let’s follow up on yesterday’s talk about how being from a certain country may mean you’re more likely to dabble in PEDs with this article about the insanely high number of Kenyan athletes who’ve tested positive. The country needs to make substantial and real changes to rid the corruption and malfeasance from its athletic programs. 

More on steroids: Five solid ideas that would help rid sports of PEDs. Curiously missing: Not allowing therapeutic use exemptions.

I’d probably just yell something like “My name is Courtney Dauwalter and there’s no f’ing way you’ll catch me!”  But here are some other ideas for things to yell at bears.

In-depth look at the dude who ran the Tour de France route this year.

I’ve seen all the flashy videos from Leadville, but this one by Eric Strand allows us to see what it’s like from a runners’ perspective. Great job!

Amateur armchair retail analysis: Sell less Under Armour, but sell more assault rifles. I guess?

Personal note: Just about sold out for my elementary school Track and XC team after four days. These kids are ready to run!

ATRA partners a with one photographer to ensure that images for the site represent a diverse group of runners.

Something that many of us have in common: Hamstring injuries. Here’s a primer on how to treat them.

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