Ultramarathon Daily News | Week Four

Huge props to Personal Peak for putting together the Quarantine Backyard Ultra. Pro job with the graphics, instructions, videos, etc for all 2k people around the world. Really nice work.
I called it quits after 10 laps when my butt cheeks wouldn’t cooperate and I never started lap 11. Bummer, as the rest of my body and head felt pretty good clicking off 10 minute miles.
As of this writing, both guys (Mike Wardian and Radek Brunner(?)) are heading out for their 49th lap…that’s 204 miles.

Backyard Quarantine love from Sports Illustrated.

RunRepeat: How has Covid affected running trends around the world? Are people running more or less since the lockdown?

Podium Runner/Amby: How 70+yo old runners are dealing with Covid 19.

Marriage advice: If your wife is competing (and doing well!) in a virtual triathlon, best not to trip and disconnect her bike from the race.

Types of runners you’ll see while physical distancing.

If you’re interested in another virtual challenge, Merrell, NATHAN, and Trail Sisters have teamed up to run around the world. More here.

Jill Colangelo is a student at Harvard University Extension School and she is doing her thesis on mental health and endurance athletes. Her goal is to help our community learn more about our particular quirks in order to be better at what we love to do. If you are an ultrarunner, she’d love for you to participate in her research. There’s even an optional raffle for an Amazon gift card. This is the link to the survey https://forms.gle/9tEZLtpucaijocCX7 You can also email her with any questions [email protected]

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