Ultramarathon Daily News

Very cool: Ultramarathon coming up where old school runners run their age in hours. That’s creative handicapping!

Foot strength: Something we can all use help with.  Now if they just had an exercise for being able to withstand the pain of stepping on a LEGO…

Hey hey, didya hear the new podcast with Waldo champ Ryan Kaiser? We discuss the “Ryan” phenomenon, his racing and training, life balance, and the beauty of living in Bend.  Any other Ryans we didn’t think of?

Thanks again to Healdsburg Running Camp for sponsoring that episode.  Set on 700 private acres around Lake Sonoma, you’ll be glamping in B&Bs, sharing the trail with MUT luminaries, and eating and drinking world class cuisine to your heart’s content. Dates are Oct/Nov of this year. Yes, please!

Somewhere in here, James convinces himself to keep running and then he tricks himself into liking ultramarathons. I think.

With Burners making their way to the Nevada desert, here’s an interview Scotty and I did 4 years ago with the founder of the craziest ultramarathon in the world, the Burning Man Ultra.

Alright, I’m already grossed out by 21 Amendment’s Watermelon beer. Now they’re releasing a Pop-Tart beer. Oy.

All sorts of weirdness in this sentence: Sir Mix A Lot headlining Los Angeles Rock n Roll Half Marathon.

Yep, Oz Pearlman is still in the finals for America’s Got Talent.  Check out his trick from last night!

If you’re really into data analysis and science, this story about catching drug cheats is for you.

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