Ultramarathon Daily News|Monday, August 11

Hello URP World! Wake up, it’s Monday and the daily news is coming to you hot and fresh, like that cup of coffee you are standing in line to buy while you gaze distractedly at your phone.

As always, Justin Mock and irunfar breaks down the week of racing. Admittedly, I haven’t read this because I’m putting it together on Sunday evening, but I’m sure he did a bang up job. Fingers crossed the link works.

A new race by Lazarus Lake? That’s right. Vol State has become too popular so he created a sister event that runs from Memphis to Georgia via Tennesee, Missippi, Alabama. The First Last Annual Heart of the South is June 18-28, 2020, it might be your best chance to get in on an inaugural Laz event.

Through hiking…a city? This article discusses an inspiring idea to get out and experience more of the areas where we live and work. Reminds me of Ricky Gates’ #everysinglestreet project. Warning – Outside Magazine alert.

A lot of us struggle with pacing and figuring out how hard to start or push throughout a race. This guy figured it all out for us.

Many of us like running with our dogs. Many of us like racing. Why not do both at the same time? Check out this article on Canicross. Anybody run one of these?

And lastly, a shout out and thank you to Eric Schranz for doing the daily news day in and day out, almost without fail. I’ve done three while he was away, and these are more work than they seem. Looking forward to having him back at the mic, and excited to hear what sort of stories and ideas came out of his time off. Cheers buddy!

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