Ultramarathon Daily News|Thursday, July 18

Oh boy, are you guys in for it.  Eric lined up a bunch of great people to help fill in with the Daily News while he’s away.  And also me.  Sorry.

My name is Jay Friedman, coming to you from the beautiful trails of the Shawangunk Mountains in New Paltz, NY.  You can check out some of my nonsense at my blog, but also poke around my website, Gunksrunner.com.  You can find info on my exercise testing and coaching services, links to some of the goofy fat-ass events I like to host, and you can even quench your ultra-related podcast fix while Eric is on vacation at The Pain Cave (please subscribe!).

Sabrina Little is just the best.  She’s a record-setting champion, one of the nicest folks you’ll ever meet, and a hell of a writer.  Her latest essay is about finding deeper meaning in running, beyond just races or results.

Defending world 24-hour champions Ishikawa Yoshihiko and Patyrcycja Bereznowska went 1-2 overall in winning their respective races at the famed Badwater 135 yesterday.  Both also set new course records.  Yoshihiko did one better by getting engaged at the finish line.

You should have a mantra.

Don’t believe me?  The power of positive self-talk.

A little local flavor: nice profile of former MMTR champ Sheryl Wheeler.

Mario’s got some good stuff on his Morning Shakeout, including a nice interview of Olympian Jared Ward by Andy Burfoot.

Here’s your Laz-related fix: US 24-hour team member Greg Armstrong won the Vol State 500, setting a new CR for “screwed” (i.e. un-crewed) runners.  He now holds the records for both the supported and unsupported version.

“What makes trail running so sexy?”  The sporting goods industry continues to see growth in the trail running space.

The most important thing you’ll watch today: how to ship beer.

I used to host an adult running camp, and one year we had Tim Broe come as our guest speaker.  What an awesome guy.  Psyched to see what he’s up to now.

The great Sarah Lavender Smith talks about aging as a runner and accepting her new normal.

This kid is a genius.

What’d you do yesterday?  Eric got to watch this.

“Chinese people don’t run”: the rise of trail running star Nancy Jiang.

Kristian Morgan has fallen off record pace on his AT FKT attempt, but he’s still moving pretty well.  By the time you read this, he’s probably crossed into Virginia.  Here’s the podcast I recorded with him shortly before he started.  Take a listen, he’s an interesting guy.

I’m not sure that this headline/article matches what this study purports to show: “No Amount of Running is Too Hard on Your Heart.”  The study seems to confirm what we already know: that the elevated levels of certain cardiac biomarkers following extreme exercise probably aren’t clinically significant/important.  There’s plenty of research (including by yours truly) demonstrating that marathon and ultramarathon runners do have higher risk of premature coronary calcification, which may be clinically significant.  If you want a more detailed discussion, I did a series of blog posts on this topic last year.

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