Ultramarathon Daily News|Tuesday, August 7

Justin’s got all the happenings from this past weekend up over at the irunfar TWIR page, including Tromso, AC100, and the CDR.  Plus, take a look at the start list for next weekend’s Sierre-Zinal in Switzerland.  Should be a barnburner!

Ben looks to be living the dream at OR.  Two new recaps up from him, reviewing new offerings from La Sportiva and Ultimate Direction.

Every elite runner I’ve ever met stresses the importance of not running too hard on your easy days.  Here’s how to make sure your easy days stay easy.

This summer has been oppressively hot and humid for us East Coasters.  Corrine has the lowdown on heat illness, treatment, and prevention.

The other end of the spectrum: do women tolerate running in the cold better than men?

How science is helping athletes perform better.

“After he was charged by what he describes to be a grizzly bear, Brendan Morphet lost his lead in the marathon. It was not a good race for him, he says.”  LOL.

Young people are drinking less alcohol.  I generally don’t understand millenials, but this seems like a good thing.

Wildfires have threatened this weekend’s Fat Dog 120, shortening the iconic race to 103 miles.  Still should be pretty great.  Careful up there in BC, Eric!

Tired of sinking untold amounts of cash into feeding your outdoor pursuits?  Decathlon is here to fix that problem.  I’ve run in some Kalenji gear (same company); it’s pretty solid stuff.

This is really cool: stride consistency can predict not only how competitive you are, but also quantify your injury risk.  Science!  (Here’s the abstract.)

Spend fifteen minutes watching this.  It’s worth it.

Need to satisfy your podcast jones while Eric is on vacation?  Here’s the most recent ultra updates from yours truly.

NUC: What is Spikeball, and why are Mennonites so good at it?

Today’s DN was compiled by Jason Friedman.  Sorry about that.  Check out my podcast, The Pain Cave, at my website.

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