Ultramarathon Daily News|Tuesday, July 30

Hey trail fiends!  Unfortunately for you I’m back with another sub-par edition of the Daily News.  For more ultrarunning content of questionable import and quality, check out my website at gunksrunner.com, including my podcast The Pain Cave.  Or, just follow me on Instagram.

Laura got out early yesterday on her Collegiate Peaks FKT attempt, so I get to start with the low-hanging fruit of Justin’s TWIR report for irunfar.  Some short trail racing and Skyrunning news, including Joe Gray’s win at Barr Mountain, plus some impressive CRs and wins from stars like Kaci Lickteig, Mario Mendoza, Jason Schlarb, Sabrina Stanley, and others.

East Coast news: the heat wave forces many to struggle at the venerable Vermont 100.

A 42-minute 5K at 96 years old? If I can still move forward at that age I’ll consider it a win.

Critical power, anaerobic capacity, and the two-hour threshold: awesome exercise physiology research with implications for marathoners.

“My advice to anyone is just run more.”  I like it!  Not sure I agree that Yasso 800s are “a great indicator for marathon times.”  Also, not sure I believe that a guy with a 10K PR just under 34 minutes and a marathon best of 2:53 has a VO2max of 88…but a nice little profile of Canadian expat Jeff Campbell tearing it up in Hong Kong.

An old article that I stumbled across recently: why striving to be good might be better than striving to be great.  It’s about self-acceptance and sustainable progress.

John Kelly talks about his challenging 2019 and his disappointing day at Ronde del Cims.  He’s had a busy year, and it sounds like he’s been a bit overloaded, but he seems like he’s got his head right.  Hoping he bounces back soon.

I’m not a surfer, but I would’ve thought that everyone just pees in their wetsuits.  Is there a debate about this?  Are there surfers who don’t pee in their wetsuits?  Please help.

Dave Roche explains why being friendly on the trails can actually help improve your performance.  Plus, it’s nice to be nice.

More from Dave: Five lessons for trail runners from the Tour de France.

Marshall Ulrich polished off his 29th crossing of Death Valley last week.  Not sure why anyone would want to do this once, let alone 28 more times, but…cool.

Shocking news: Americans still don’t exercise enough.

The hell with all of you people.

I can’t remember if we’ve already linked to it here, but even if we did, I can’t get enough of this awesome video of the great Max King crushing Eric’s favorite race, Mount Marathon in Alaska.   Go Big Red!


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