Ultramarathon Daily News|Wednesday, August 7

Hey all, it’s my last time filling in before Eric returns from vacation.  For more stuff from the #beastcoast, check out my podcast The Pain Cave, my blog, or my IG.  Thanks!

Are female runners more prone to certain injuries?

Cool Strava art out of San Francisco.

Joe Grant shares the story of a recent adventure in the Wasatch range that became a bit more than he had bargained for.

Nutritional info: the downside of eating too little.

Eric’s spoken on the show about working with athletes who are visually impaired; ICYMI, here’s his interview with visually impaired ultramarathoner Kyle Robidoux.  Sarah shares the story of another legally blind runner, Will Barton, who recently conquered his first 100 at TRT.

I’m just going to leave this here: LAJ “free bleeding” during Western States.

Cory recaps his experience at last month’s Vol State 500.  Like many of Laz’s races, the popularity of this race has exploded.  Registration for 2020 opened last week and immediately crashed Ultrasignup; the race sold out in minutes and several runners who had initially been granted spots were informed that they weren’t actually in the race.  Subscribe to The Pain Cave to get next week’s episode where we’ll talk all about it.

“Let’s get awkward.”  David Roche tackles running and sex.

AJW on making your ultrarunning home wherever you find yourself.

Gender equality: why imposter syndrome may limit women in the ultrarunning sphere.

Is this marathoner really 119 years old?  We’ll probably never know.

Get more out of your foam rolling by using myofascial release.

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