Ultramarathon News for Thurs March 30

If you’re training for MdS but living in Hong Kong, you run dozens and dozens and dozens of laps on the local sandy beach to recreate the conditions you’ll face in the desert. This all makes sense right?

Speaking of extremes, are you a better fit for hot and dry or freezing and wet?

Is having one dominant athlete good for a sport? Usain at track? Tiger at golf? Courtney at ultras? One of those athletes thinks sports needs stars to “keep it exciting” but I think others–including me–appreciate the standouts but also like it when the outcome is still a mystery. You?

Tyler Andrews adds a few Kili routes to his impressive list of FKTs.

Lize Britten reviews Kara Goucher’s book The Longest Race.

Camille Herron chats with iRunFar following her 48hr American Record.

This guy went on a day hike, turned around to head home and……..didn’t recognize the trail. Fortunately he was found nine days later.  Be careful out there folks.

As a dad of an active and competitive 13yo girl, I’m laser-focused on watching out for eating disorders and appreciate reading about other young women like Allie O.  I’m open to any and all advice.

What’s going on in the ultramarathon and trail scene this weekend? Jeff Stern has all the races and rundowns right here. (Missing from the list is this race that my son Van, 11, and I are running on Saturday in Carson City, Nevada. More on him at a later date.)

Short news day, gotta run.

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