Ultramarathon News for Thursday, May 3

How in the world did they leave Max King off this list?

If you’ve planned a hike, but then back out and spend the night at a luxury hotel, you’ll be billed for the S&R effort, though it sounds like an innocent mistake that can be blamed on technology.

Interesting interview/bio on MUT photographer Alexis Berg.

I listened to part of this podcast yesterday (yes, most I’ve ever listened to a podcast before) about media bias in the ultramararaton world. First, the 15 minutes I listened to were great. Good discussion, well produced, and they didn’t shy away from good topics. The two hosts are from the East Coast and attempt to figure out why their region is largely “ignored” by iRunFar, URP, etc.  While Jason and Rich were both quick to point out it isn’t anyone’s “responsibility” to cover races and runners equally, there was a fair bit of discussion about why certain races are exalted while (maybe more difficult) races not on the west coast are ignored. Here’s the obvious answer: There are more prestige races out west because that’s where the greatest concentration of elite runners live. And there are more elite runners out west because the weather is better, trails are more accessible, and that’s where the races are. Chicken or the egg? I still don’t know.

As for URP’s coverage: I do my best to interview people from all over the country. While I probably tip the scales towards the west coast, it’s generally because I’ve met the guest before in some capacity and feel confident that they’d be a good interview. Booking and prepping for a guest who turns out to be a dud is not a lot of fun.  [As always, if you’ve got a blog, report, guest, or idea about something not on the west coast, please shoot me a message!]

I’ve thought a lot about this issue before. Another issue and reason for the lack of coverage would be the lack of personal blogs and the centralization of the MUT media. While it used to be easy to find info on east coast events and runners, many of those sites and blogs are long-forgotten.

More on Asbel Kiprop’s EPO problem.

I’ll agree with Geoff Burns’ tweet from yesterday: Yesterday was a good day in sports. No longer are dopers being protected or shielded…they’re being outed and ousted.

But should we take a few dirty Kenyans and assume that they’re all doping?

Crow Pass isn’t an ultramarathon, but it sure as hell will be a great race: Zach Miller, Tim Tollefson, Dave Laney, XC Olympian Scott Patterson, Evan Hone, and a bunch of really tough Alaskans. Entrants list right this way.

This week in science:  Exercise can be bad for you.

Imagine a 540 mile week: Not on the trail, but the EMU 6 day race in Hungary certainly qualifies as ultramarathon running at its most basic. Consider last year, Johan Steene ran 540 miles during the race. This year’s race just started. Live tracker here. More on the history of the 6 day race from this excellent piece by Andy Milroy.

Clickbait: Ultramarathon race sponsored by cannabis company. 

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