Ultramarathon News, Fri, Feb 19

Ultramarathon News

Didya hear out latest podcast with OCR champ Amelia Boone?  She won her first ultramarathon at last years Georgia Death Race, then just earned herself a Golden Ticket at Sean O’Brien 100k.  What are the differences between OCR and ultramarathon running? What can our industry learn from OCR?  This was a fun and wide-ranging interview with someone who is set to be a real threat in the ultramarathon world.

Read this: Ten ways to improve the Olympic Marathon Trials. The disconnect between the two events is amazing! Could any of these be used for ultramarathons?

Sick of your job, or just looking to follow your dream. Ditch the briefcase for hops and barley!

And here’s a quick and dirty interview with the Sean O’Brien male champ, Stephen Wassather.

Watch this: Billy Yang’s new movie about UTMB, featuring David Laney, Tim Tollefsen, and Zach Miller.

Great article about a couple whose relationship is strengthened on the trails.

North Face Championship opened yesterday for the Dec race.  Better sign up soon before it sells out.

What happens when you bring a mic to a restaurant and record Laz and his wife talking about Barkley? Check it out right this way.

Here’s a throwback article from 1986 from ultrarunning magazine: Is ultrarunning a marketable sport?  Sound familiar?

Sage talks about his win at Black Canyon, trail fitness, shoes, etc in his recent vlog post.

This guy belongs on the trails: “World’s Fastest Stoner” finishes last at Marathon Trials.

Flyathlons: Trail running, fishing, and beer.  Here’s your calendar for this year.

Are more runners cheating, or is it just that more are getting caught?

Uh-oh. New diet says paleo diet is unhealthy, and people freak the hell out.

What are you running this weekend?

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