Ultramarathon Daily News | Friday, June 30

Friday Funny: Bears don’t care about your problems.

Did you catch our latest interview with Kaci Lickteig? In terms of stories and lessons, this is one you’ll want to listen to. 

…essentially hoping that Elke Reimer and others would officially drop me. I was certain I needed direct medical attention. My entire lower extremities were in complete muscle spasms. My body was uncontrollably shaking while under two blankets during temps exceeding 100 degrees and I was throwing up what little I could be convinced to take in.

–If you’re into race reports where the runner suffers, be sure to read Chris Perillo’s tale from Western. He made every effort to quit, but eventually the sternness of his crew and friends helped him get to the finish. Nice work dude!

Train for pregnancies like you would an ultramarathon. (The author is on baby #8. Listen to her.)

More on the UTMB points drama.

Bill Finkbeiner has run every day for 37 years and completed Leadville 30 (thirty!) times. He was recently struck by a homeless guy on a bike about a half mile from my house and murky “hit and run” laws are impeding the investigation. I saw Bill at the Placer track on Sat night and he still looked really rough.

This went from being an “aw, how cute” to “Seriously? A 3 year old bike racer? That’s just bizarre” pretty quickly.

Altra Lone Peak 3.0 review: New and improved with a narrower box and bulkier upper? 

This is perhaps why the peculiar celebration of pain has always permeated distance running’s culture. We find something deep and metaphorical about the idea of running through pain, as if the endurance of discomfort contains meaning beyond angry nerve endings.

–Sam writes about the pain cave. Read it.

After his Badwater/RAAM double record last year, it’s taken Pete Kostelnick a bit more time to remove than he’d expected.

Where are the best trail runs to see fireworks?

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