Ultramarathon News, Fri, Mar 4

Ultramarathon and Trail News

Your daily inspiration: Bill from Australia had a stroke that nearly killed him, checked himself out of the hospital early, and began to rehab himself. From wheelchair, to cane, to walking to running to finishing an ultramarathon every month. What’s resulted is one of the best attitudes and most infectious personalities in the sport.  A must read.

And if that’s not inspiring enough, here’s a 9 year old kid with Cerebral Palsy who’s organizing triathlons for kids with disabilities.

Holy cow. Jason Schlarb and Jeremy Wolf are planning on a skimo passing of Hardrock.  Can’t wait to see how this turns out. Be safe, guys!

The ultramarathon world lost another great one this week with the passing of WS medical guru Dr. Bob Lind.  Here, AJW pens his thoughts and memories of Dr. Lind.

What happens when some trail runners in California can’t find a gluten free beer they like? They start a freakin brewery, that’s what.

Speaking of beer, Ninkasi knows their market. They’ve brewed a special IPA for runners and are scheduling group runs to try it out.  Well done!

And finally, I haven’t had beer in a few weeks. Trying to get in shape, and for whatever reason, I don’t miss it.

Science: Exercise prevents cancer.

Didya catch the new podcast we released this morning?  I chat with Chris Solarz who is guaranteed to make you feel lazy and unorganized.

Is Chuckanut the MUT gateway drug? I remember this interview with RD Krissy Moehl from 4 years ago that left Scotty and I drooling over the race.

Seven injuries that could be causing your hip pain. Thankfully, I’ve never had hip problems, but my sister (super fast short distance) has been battling them for years.

I’ll be up at Way Too Cool 50k tomorrow, and the forecast is calling for rain and floods. The registration list has some speedy racers…this should be fun to watch!

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