Ultramarathon Daily News, Fri, Sep 16

Ultramarathon News

Kilian abandons Everest speed attempt. Probably a smart move.

Beer news: The InBev purchase of some Belgian icons isn’t all about the beer…the glassware plays a major role in the drama.

Friday Funny: Runners stop race due to “lack of support.”

Do you hike/run/ride with someone who always has to be in front? (Hate to say I’m sometimes that guy.)

Dude who runs with a fridge on his back set to take on a trans-con.  I’d love to see what he could do without the fridge.

Two minutes of inspiration: Daily highlights from Tor des Geants.

Report on La Ultra from a Serbian badass.

Run Rabbit Run is this weekend in Colorado and offers a healthy prize purse. Next weekend is UROC, itself with a big prize purse.  Strange that both (two out of three majors) money races are back to back?

Drugs: What’s the point of testing if some athletes are allowed to use banned substances?  Ultramarathon/trail example within. We either need no restrictions, or no exceptions, because this current situation is a sham.

Speedgoat Karl’s day 40-41 update from Ian Corliss.

From this interview, it sure sounds like Nick Simonds is setting himself up for trail running. Sick of track and field, loves climbing, loves the mountains…

How to not get shot on the trails during hunting season.

A preview of fall fashion trends for runners..  Wonder what the next big ultra fashion trend will be.


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