Ultramarathon Daily News | Thursday, June 29

Cycling has a governing body to help weigh big issues, but the trail and ultramarathon scene has no set standards to deal with transgendered athletes. Different standards for amateur and elite? Who will decide, and how much name calling will there be?

Awesome! I love BOA lacing systems, and it looks like they’re coming to more brands.

Bio on Ian Corless and his life as a pro trail photographer. Great read!

I gave the Patreon Team ($5+) an early release of the Kaci Lickteig interview last night and will release it on URP later today. She’s got an incredible story with a powerful message that you’ll want to hear. Stay tuned.

Remember these posts by Tim? Snarky, biting, sometimes a bit nasty, but always a fun read.

It drives me nuts when people make a singular correlation between money and cheating. Yes, that can be one factor, but there are plenty of others. Consider: Why Age Groupers Cheat.

So ultramarathon runners really feel less pain? A scientific approach.

Has anyone run the Rachel Carson Trail Challenge? What’s the deal?  Also: Makenzie O’Connor sounds awesome. Wins the race overall, heads home, then rides her bike to a music festival.

Commit this to memory: Six injuries you should never try to train through. Regardless of your calendar. Regardless of how hard it was to get into. Period.

How to ace your first day of trail work.

I’m a Kawauchi fanboy. Here’s a great article about how he uses competition as training.

And this guy is a Walmsley fanboy. My only issue is that the author was surprised that a top runner would be out there volunteering their time. I’ve only been running ultras for ten years, but even in my time, elites giving back was a normal occurrence that didn’t trigger a second look. Has it changed?

Skurka: Pace Chart Tutorial, Step Three–Split Time Gathering and Goal Time Correlation.

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