Ultramarathon Daily News | Monday, May 22

Justin’s Weekend Ultramarathon results on IRF has a lot of (older) names I like to see! Rob Krar, Amy Sproston, Nick Clarke…Go masters runners!

(Curiously absent (?) from the TWIR lineup was Meghan Hicks’ completion of the Bob Graham Round in under 24 hours. Nice work!)

Here’s something the ultramarathon world has largely managed to avoid: Spectators acting like idiots.

Top Oregon sprinter Dashae Wise has an incredible story of human trafficking and survival.

Pro Swiss cycling team dumps their septic tank along highway (and next to stream) during the Amgen Tour of California. They should be ashamed.

Can anyone name the place/story of the cover photo (the grass and headstone)? 

I was at the Trail Heads Escape trail running camp in Michigan Bluff over the weekend. Knee felt wonky one day, great the next, so I didn’t push it on the third. Met some cool people and Hayden Hawks beat the crap out of us in lawn darts.  Dude’s a ringer.

Drymax’s Martin Hernanez throwing his dart while Hayden waits to pounce.

Kilian made it to the top of Everest (daaaang!), but called it quits half way down with a stomach virus.

…meanwhile, an American climber died on the mountain.

Did you read Ben’s review of the Ruhn compression shorts?

Sarah finished up her self-supported stage race in Hawaii a few days ago and will join me today to tell the story. Anxious to hear about 150 miles of lava fields, jungles, golf courses, and how in the world she packed and carried it all. Stay tuned.

Apple’s new $5,000,000,000 campus has a 100,000 square foot gym…but no daycare. (fixed)

Read this for funSpaceJam meets ultramarathon running as these two guys choose their all star teams to save the planet. Who’s you choose?

Backpacking novice quits her job, sells her stuff, and heads to the Appalachian Trail to find herself. Anxious to see how she does.

In case you haven’t read this excellent piece by Matt Hart about AlSal and the Nike Oregon Project, do so now.

I didn’t realize Death Valley had such beautiful trails.

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