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Ultramarathon News From Around the World:

Read this: Eighteen months after a 20 hour finish at Western, Adam Condit is still severely affected by what was his first hundred miler.  He’s taken a ton of time off, not finished an ultramarathon, re-evaluated family and life, and is moving forward.

Sprinting seemed really simple. You go out, run as hard and fast as you can. Until, they pulled me aside and said “Distance runners all have the same problem. They associate running faster with gritting their teeth and running harder. To sprint faster, you don’t try more.”

Very interesting look at the methods of coaching used by endurance-trained and non-endurance coaches.  Ultramarathon coaches, listen up.

Scott Dunlap weighs in with his opinion on Jared Hazen’s buckle and what it’s really worth.

Finnish Sahti: A beer style I’m not familiar with and have never tried. Anyone know of US brewers who make one?

Sad news from Ashland.  Popular runner Todd Ragsdale went out for a run/hike late last week and was found deceased on Saturday not too far from his car.  No autopsy results yet, but a lot of outpouring of support for this quirky guy.

Maybe it’s a ‘problem’ in our sport, but the fact is that one day matters far more than any other. And whatever path is taken to ensure that you show up on that one day will be the right one. It’s just hard to know if you figured it all out until the race is finished.

The plan: Get better.

I saw Billy Yang’s new movie about UTMB on Saturday night, and it’s a great one.  He follows Tim Tollefsen, David Laney, and Zach Miller through their training and into the Alps. Highlighted is Laney’s patient dominance of the course, Tim’s comeback from a serious bonk, and Zach’s balls-to-the-wall pace and finish.. Favorite quote from the Q&A afterwards from Zach:  “I just run three or three and a half hours a day at 10 thousand feet…”


Weekend ultramarathon results from Justin at IRF.

Ryan Hall will be on Ginger Runner Live tonight. Don’t have a link for it, but shouldn’t be hard to find.

ultramarathon shoes
Sunny (6) and I tearing up the singletrack on Saturday.

Help? Looking for running shoes for my 6yo daughter. Many of the “running shoes” in kids 12s are awful and poorly made.  Any tips on what brand makes real running shoes?

Speaking of shoes, here are 15 maximalist shoes for the new year.

If moto-doping is happening with the under-23 female CX division, it’s gotta be happening up higher, right?  Regardless, I want to see one of these motors up close…how it’s engineered sounds interesting.  Here’s a good discussion on how it works—and how she got caught.

Canyons UltramarathonWinner winner chicken dinner!  Frank Morris grabbed himself a free entry to The Canyons 50/100k Endurance Run in May. Sounds like his name wasn’t drawn again at the WS lottery, but have no fear, the Canyons are still here!  Frank, I’ll email you (with the email used in your comment) registration info.

If Travis Macy is going OFM, maybe that Spam will find a way back into his diet.

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