Ultramarathon News, Mon, March 28

Ultramarathon News From Around the World

WSJ: The elusive runners high has prehistoric roots.  Explains the draw to ultramarathons a bit, eh?

Kaci is back after a month of downtime due to Achilles issues and anemia. Here’s how she did it.

Chinese marathoners mistake soap for energy bars…oops!

But as we look at the story in more depth, it’s hard to not draw some parallels with the ultramarathon scene in the US:  Races are booming, runners often overestimate their abilities,  injuries abound, and pop-up RDs are making some events pretty dangerous.  Fair?

I’m here to tell all of you ungrateful pissant whiners who bitch about your FKTs, DNFs and all that other sh#t that you are insanely lucky. You have two legs that work. No, you’ll never be sponsored. Tough sh#t. Enjoy yourself. You got to race Western States? Didja finish? Great! You made the 8% that made the cut look good.

It’s an oldie but goodie.  Uncle Larry explains why it’s so much better to be an ultramarathon has been than a never was.

Ed “The Jester” Ettinghausen gives a TED talk about running and breaking the “most 100 mile ultramarathons in one year” world record.  Here’s our interview with him from a few years ago.

This guy just won the 350 mile race across the damn Canadian arctic. Here’s an interview with him.

Nathan takes on the subject of how we look at endurance nutrition. He posits that rather than rearranging arguments we should instead consider how we are products of circumstance.  What do you think?

The marijuana-friendly 420 race in Santa Monica started late and the runners got lost.  Wasn’t this race supposed to dispel stereotypes???

Emil Zatopek in Helsinki

Toughest dude with the ugliest gait: Remembering Emil Zatopek both on and off the track.

ESPN covers ultramarathon grandslam pioneer Tom Green’s year since his near-fatal accident. Great read.

Peruvian marathoner stripped of PanAm gold now allowed to run in Olympics after a six month ban. Something is seriously wrong with this sport.

UK kids spending less time outside than prison inmates.  US not much better, is it?

If nothing more, get your kids outdoors so they can earn more in the future…at least according to this Finnish study. Interesting data on the gender gap too, huh?

Get to know your butt muscles. They’re important!

Tax free money to buy outdoor gear?

New interview today with Chris DeNucci. We talk about his running roots and I get to pick his medical brain about calf injuries. Stay tuned!

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