Ultramarathon News, Thurs, Dec 17

There may be some incredible ultramarathon records set this weekend at Desert Solstice. Here’s a preview of all the track madness.

Alright, Oregon wins. Woooow!

Downhill running isn’t just technique. You also have the leg strength. Find out how here.

The OCR scene is having the same Lance debate we are.

No ultramarathon content but still freaking awesome: This guy has run a sub 5 minute mile every year since 1976.

Be sure to go back and read Lauren Fleshman’s letter to Lance from a few years ago.  What fascinates me are her fifth and sixth paragraphs.  This entire debate is much about “protecting the elites”, but aside from Sage and Ian, most of them have been silent.

While on the other side, John Burton doesn’t care about the hubbub and lets us know in this funny post.

…while the LetsRun people debate whether Ryan Hall could beat Lance at a 50 miler.

And this is a good perspective on the issue from the mid/back perspective.

>26.2 sticker

Looking for that perfect last minute stocking stuffer? Order today, I’ll send out today and you’ll have them by Christmas. And of course, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Do you want to combine the beauty of the trails with the excitement of a XC race all while feeling like you got beat up? Here are some great snowshoe races to add to your list. I did a half marathon a few years ago and it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.  Pretty much everything I’ve learned about the sport is from Spaff’s page right here.

How to become an outdoor writer and photographer. In the new world of freelancing and blogging, the opportunities are endless.

People who are upset about this race generally aren’t people I hang out with.  So good news, I guess.

Sabrina Moran updates us on what she’s been to and how she got so dang chubby.

I agree with this article: Cycling does seem to be “the new golf” for business folks.  Why cycling though? Does much business get done on the trails?

Ten low key European ultramarathon races. That Ultravasan 90 in Sweden sounds particularly alluring.  Did any get added to your bucket list?

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