Ultramarathon and Trail Running Daily News, Thurs, Jan 26

Ryan Hall talks about trail running.  Come on dude, just race one!

Ultrarunner Girl Stephanie Case almost lost her life a few weeks ago in the Italian Alps.  Here she writes about backcountry comm devices that could save yours.

Walmsley, don’t feel bad about the wrong turn. There’s always this guy.

Looking to win your weight in beer? The race also has a brewery division for employees of the same brewery…I don’t know, I’ve never seen more than one guy at a brewery who looks like he could run fast.  Info right this way.

Advice to new thru-hikers that could be used for ultramarathon trail runners too.  It’s crazy how much crap people carry in their packs.

This week’s edition of Mountain Outhouse. Sarah gets a shoutout from Jamil Jam-Jam…sweet!

We’ve talked at length about the power and importance of the mind in this silly sport.  Well, turns out, the Angry Jogger disagrees. He hates his mind.

Taman Negara’s fauna has it all in terms of dangerous creatures, including elephants, tigers, rhinos, snakes and spiders. After hiking just a few hours I found myself more concerned with dangerous flora. Specifically the thorny vine that had arrested my fall down a muddy slope. I yelled in pain as the tiny needles sunk deeper around my neck and body. 

Just your everyday jungle trek in Malaysia.

Can someone help me get in touch with Rob Apple? I’ve had no luck and want to interview him. Email here please. Thanks.

You following Mike’s progress on the World Marathon Challenge?
2:54 in Antarctica on Monday.
2:45 in Chile on Tuesday.
2:37 in Florida Wednesday.
UPDATE: Mike just ran a 2:42 in Madrid. 
Unreal.  Follow the results on the race FB page.

Ooh, I like how this sounds. Wild fermented ciders! Anyone tried one yet? How funky do they get?

Here’s a new wearable gizmo that stimulates your noggin to help your training. This author gives a thorough and frank review of its effectiveness.

Speaking of gizmos, put them down and listen to your gut. You’ll get faster.

Your daily funny:

ultramarathon funny

One final beer question: Anyone had White Rajah IPA from the Beer Kettle in Ohio? As good as its reputation? My good friend from OH is coming out to visit and bringing some along.

Not running related, but hey it’s science: Dogs prefer reggae and soft rock to other genres.

What do you think of the results so far in the transformative women shirt project?  We’ve got over 1500 people who have voted and Ann, Kaci, Ellie, Frosty, Magda, Nikki, and Sally are currently slated to make the cut.  So many great women and so little space!  And hey, great news! The folks at rabbit told me they’ll be making the shirt in mens sizes too! (Again, I’m not making any money off this at all…I just think it’s a cool idea.)

Kiwi woman diagnosed with MS. “NBD, I think I want to run Tarawera while I’m still good.”  That’s the spirit!

New podcast dropping today. Stay tuned.

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