Ultramarathon and Trail Running Daily News | Thurs, June 8

If you run ultramarathons, then you have likely dealt with blisters–or at least want to prevent them. Volunteering at an aid station soon?  Liza goes over prevention and care right this way. 


Excellent: Jamil goes on a run and rediscovers himself.  Read it.

TWIS (This Week in Science): Running is good for your back.

Why can’t you sleep after a hard race or workout? CTS is on it.

Symptoms may be different after running the Lardbutt 1k.

Janusz Adamski isn’t making many friends in the climbing world. China just closed all permits (and cancelled existing) for Tibet’s Cho Oyu because of his flagrant abuse of the rules. More here.

URP Partner: Getting your hydration kit ready for summer trail and ultramarathon races and adventures? Check out Camelbak’s line up of packs, belts and handhelds.

More on Camille’s win at Comrades win and look ahead to Western. If she podiums at Placer High, would she win UROY?

Fascinating (and amazing) stories from Rod Dixon and Pre’s relationship on and off the track.

Ten reasons to attend the WS Training Camp.  Number seven is best…use it as trial prep for a stage race.

No ultramarathon content, but this is a great write up on tuk-tuks. I took dozens of these last year during my time in India for the Himalayan 100 and yep, they’re pretty nuts.

More on Western: RD Thornely chats with Outside Magazine about the new doping policy and does a good job defending its meaning and purpose.

Jurek famously took the entire month of December off from running.  Other top athletes take extended rest breaks. Do you?

How much does that extra pound slow you down?

Divorce DIY: Honey, I know we have kids, but I’m going to be gone for 6 months while I thru hike an epic trail. That’s cool, right?

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