Ultramarathon News, Thurs, Mar 31

Ultramarathon News

Read this: Great race report from Sally McRae’s race at the Sciacche Trail 50k Ultramarathon in Italy.  Reminds me of Sarah’s recent report from Marin Ultra Challenge where she was given incorrect information and finished in a different position than she’d thought.

Here’s a pretty good list of the 15 best hiking/running spots in Northern California.  What’d they miss?  I’d add the hike up to the top of Angel Island (on a clear day), and the Flume Trail in Tahoe.

This guy is attempting to turn Forrest Gump’s route into reality. That’s 20k miles over three years, which is over 16 miles a day, every day.  Pretty epic ultramarathon plan, but will he make it?

“People forget that money cannot be harvested,” he says. “If you want to harvest the money, you need to plant the seeds. And what are the seeds? The seeds are hard training.”

Inside the low-key, minimalist Kenyan training camp.  Think we have to have all the latest gadgets and gizmos to succeed? These guys don’t.  They just work their butts off.

Didya catch our latest interview with New England speedster/RD/ultrawife Amy Rusiecki?  What’s it like bonking hard at Leadville, only to find a naked guy in a stormtrooper helmet at the aid station? Lots of good info in here…she’s been running a long time and has stories to share.

photovisi-downloadThe episode was sponsored by the Card Keeper phone wallet, and the company has made a few custom URP cases to give away.  Share the episode on twitter, and tag @savagelifesol and @ultrarunnerpod and you could be the lucky winner. (Fits iPhone 5, 5s, 6, 6s only.)


URP lost out in the first round of the #URmadness bracket on Twitter.  Our competition? Alex Varner.

Looks like the Comrades Medical Director hasn’t been paying his fees and they’ve stripped him of his medical license. Uh-oh.

Warning: Do not watch this if you’re eating or squeamish.  Attention whore takes close-up video of him popping blood blisters after a 60 mile ultramarathon.

This Aussie shares his video opinions on barefoot shoes, foot growth, and the Green Silence.  Link lost.

Ten of the most inspiring UK female adventurers, including a gal who hiked the circumference of Wales with a damn donkey.

Trail and Tarmac’s newest coach Brett Hornig pens a review for the New Balance Vazee Summit. Looks like a quick shoe!

So important, and often overlooked: Downhill speed sessions.

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