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ICYMI: Our interview with masters ultramarathon stud Paul Terranova. There seems to be a problem with the episode pushing to subscribers, so there it is manually.  (And if anyone knows what could’ve gone wrong, please let me know. Thanks.)

Hall says he’s been a little bit intrigued by ultrarunning, but he doesn’t necessarily envision himself getting into a situation where he’ll be racing (an ultramarathon.) However, he says he’s intrigued by adventure runs like the Grand Canyon and he’s always been curious about the 90K Comrades Marathon in South Africa.

–Hmmm, this sure sounds interesting!  Even “out of shape”, I’d still love to see what he could do in a trail ultra.

I was on Ginger Runner Live last night.  Ethan, Kim, and I talked Broken Arrow, Western States, Tahoe 200 training, grape soda, new media, and where we’ll be this weekend.  Here’s the vid.  I wondered aloud in the interview if Caroline Boller will be running, and yes, she’ll be there gunning for the win. Awesome!

Matt Flaherty highlights my pick for the female podium at Western, as well as the most awesome crew: Devon Yanko.

Meanwhile, IRF highlights the unintentional namesake of my firstborn (long story, but totally true), Sunny Blende.  We interviewed her here and here.

And while we’re talking about Sunny and Western States, click this, print it out, and have it for your runner on Saturday.

ultramarathon vk
Because every VK needs an idiot with an alpenhorn. That’s Max King coming ’round the final turn in the VK. Pic by Adam Chase.

Interested in the finer points of track and field doping and why most records set from the mid 90s to the mid 00s should be suspect? Definitely check out Mario’s Morning Shakeout.

And here’s what you need to know about the Aden/Dibaba bust this week.  I mock the letsrun message boards freely, but when it comes to reporting, the site is consistently on point.

Dom writes about the struggle of training and racing in the scorching heat.  Good to see he’s running strong on the trails again!

I think I know where Ian is going with this post and idea, and if it’s that many runners would be lost (and maybe not even runners) without social media, I agree.

I set my sights on a new goal of reaching AS8 and quitting there. As if from an outside vantage point, I judged my lack of shame at this prospect to be evidence that I was in minor emergency mode. I continued like this for 30 minutes. I’d then been walking for about 45 minutes and I began to have convoluted thoughts about pace and speed and how much slower was I really going given the terrain and that everyone was baking under the same sun. Those thoughts coalesced into a clearer picture of all that was taking place during this amazing event and I decided to not give up and to make it to AS8 with the mental intention to finish.

Great race report from the Highlands Sky 40 miler in West Virginia.

Hijinx: Four viewers sent in mystery items for Jamil and Schuyler to wear and eat during their latest 50k. Here’s what happenend.

Where’s co-host Sarah’s head six days before the Big Dance? Right here.

Throwback Tuesday: URP Ultramarathon Daily News three years ago today.  Here’s what was happening.

Burned out? By the sound of this interview, Mike Aish is hanging up his running shoes after this year.

Though the title is tinged with hyperbole, it’s still a pretty good interview with Scott Jurek.

As an architecture geek and a still-recovering runner, I appreciate Amy’s latest post about rebuilding her body, her temple.

101 degrees here today and I’m heading out for a long run while the kids are at camp. Wish me luck.


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