Ultramarathon News | Tuesday, July 23

Big thanks to the dedicated team of Daily News hounds who’ve been filling in for me while I’ve been away. I really do appreciate everyone working hard to keep the site up while I’m enjoying some dedicated and much needed time with my family while we enjoy an extended holiday. Muchos, muchos gracias. Obrigado. Gracies, e Merci.

Fast Women: Allison’s weekly digest of all the women’s running news. Weird about Northwestern’s track and XC programs. Anyone know the history of that? Was it a Title XI issue?

Meet this Chinese-born Kiwi who fought against her parent’s wishes to become a top trail runner.

My race at Andorra Ultra Trail ended prematurely, and that really isn’t much of a surprise. I’ve made no secret that I’m lousy on technical trails, and when those trails are in the dark for a midnight start…it’s gonna be ugly. I fell and fell and tripped and tripped again and every time I did, I cut up my hands, my legs, bit my lip, and freaked out that I’d dropped mandatory equipment out of my bag…and ultimately decided I’d had enough around 20 miles. Now sure, I wasn’t in great shape, but with a 24 hour cutoff, I’m confident I could’ve made it, but here’s the thing: I love trail running because I look up and around and see the incredible mountains and terrain and smile to myself about how lucky I am, and when I’m forced to stare at the damn ground the entire time, I lose my passion and drive really really fast and mixed with self pity and anger, the DNF monster is difficult to shake off my shoulders.
That was all my problem and I need to accept the fact that night runs and technical terrain is simply not in the cards for me anymore. I’ll get there, but it’s tough to come to grips that realization and I really don’t like to be told I can’t do something. The course, the organization, the people, the volunteers, the fellow competitors…I can’t say enough wonderful things about this event. Absolutely sensational experience and I have not one regret about going to that beautiful country. If you’re into massive climbs, incredible terrain, and a killer European vibe, this is your race.

And big congrats to Stephanie Case for her F2 finish at Ronda and to Zach Violett for his top ten win. Wow!

Chase Parnell: Excellent post where Chase questions and reflects on whether there’s something wrong with distance/ultra runners that also works in our favor. Good read, check it out.

IRF/Laney: The basics of running smart in hot weather.

Frida Kahlo Strava art. Of course it’s in San Francisco.

John Kelly: Mr. Barkley has been racing a ton over the past two years and opens up about his schedule and his (first) DNF at Ronda del Cims in Andorra. Great insight into the mind of a truly exceptional endurance athlete.

Runner’s World: These women in Spain are taking back their freedom to run.

Just had my first glass of alcohol in over 18 months. Just a little sidre in Gijon, a small town in the Asturian region of northern Spain where they take their drink very, very seriously. Up until now I’ve had NA beer at every single restaurant, but this was too interesting (and culturally significant) to pass up. Don’t worry, I’m good to go.

Gotta get some sleep. Thanks again to the team of fill-in news folks and for you for reading.


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