Ultramarathon News, Wed, Mar 9

Ultramarathon News From Around the World

Toughest Ultrarunner of the Week award goes to this guy.

Four really smart tips for ramping up early season (or post-injury) mileage.

Brett turns in his report from his Way Too Cool journey (7thOA), along with a shoe choice I wasn’t familiar with.  And wow, Varner’s GI issues even play a role in other competitors’ reports!

This is gonna blow your mind.

Ten plant-based foods packed with protein.

Six minute abs!

Some ultramarathon tips from Faith in Malaysia.

Mario’s Morning Shakeout. Did anyone else (besides Mario and myself) notice the multiple Maria –ova references?

Looking for a sweet spring/summer job in Tahoe? Alpenglow sports is hiring.

This is the way the market should work: Engage in corrupt activity (steroids, payoffs with Kenya) and your shares take a dump.

The letsrun boards finally discuss a very real problem.

I love reading about the run commuters.  Any others out there? How far? What frequency?

Cool article about an Army Sergeant who thought he was trying out for the XC ski team, only to find his true passion on the trails and ultramarathons.

I’d love to see these types of tests performed on runners who’ve been running for a day or so. I don’t know about you, but I get stuuuuupid.

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