Ultramarathon News – Women’s Day Edition

Ultramarathon News for the Ladies

On this Women’s Day, a compendium of ultramarathon news targeted towards the ladies.

Rad! ESPN covers one of my favorite ultra gals: Devon Yanko. I’ve interviewed her both here and here. Check them out.

Sarah opens up about how the ultra crowd handles weight issues, and the process she went through to get her racing weight dialed in.

Maria Sharapova has been taking a recently banned substance for ten years. What is Meldonium and why was she on it for ten years, especially considering the normal treatment time is 4-6 weeks.  Weirdest apparent side-effect: Rapid transition to the semi-attractive 30-something Realtor look.

Speaking of drugs, what actually happens to the runner who was beat by a convicted doper? Do they get a call from USATF? IAAF? What’s their race place status?  Shannon Rowbury expresses her frustration with the process and lack of communication.

Interview with one of the trailblazers of women runners: Doris Brown Heritage.

Yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes: Five ways to get kids into nature and the outdoors.  I’ll add my little daily check: If the kids are clean after noon-ish, they need to go outside and get dirty.

Miles 21-25 were a new level of achievement for me. I felt terrible, but I was totally fine with that and even embraced it. I felt myself pushing through the barriers and felt powerful…

Amy Leedham’s bonk report from an up-and-down Way Too Cool.

And here’s a great interview from Megan and David Roche about how they balance training, marriage, and jobs.  Here’s my interview with them (and other ultra couple Tim and Lindsay  Tollefson) from last year.

Since Mendocino Ultra is sold out (ahem, after they advertised a few times on URP), here’s a free ultra in Truckee on the same day.

Sophie writes about banking stories in your mind to get you through tough parts of races. I do the same thing in ultras…you?

URP News: I fixed the glitch, and now all 232 interview are viewable on iTunes. #bingelisten

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