Ultramarathon Daily News, Thurs, Nov 19

Alright, this might be a stretch, but this race shares a lot of similarities with just about any ultramarathon out there.  Competitors acting like crying babies, crew (parents) going crazy, initial leader bonking halfway…

Meet Yuch. He recently pulled out of his first hundred at mile 95, but has his reasons.  Sounds like he’ll be back.

Lauren does a good job of presenting both sides of the “distance equality in XC” discussion.

Asking for a friend: Has anyone had a meniscus tear addressed via arthroscopic surgery? If so, please reply and let us know how it went. Thank You.

Mainstream article about an ultrarunner that doesn’t make him/us seem like idiots or extreme daredevils.  But twelve 100 milers in a year…come on man, that’s nuts!

This article though, not so much. We’re just a bunch of hallucinating weirdos.

This 11 year old just finished another 50k this past weekend.  Seems like he enjoys it. What do you think?

USATF MUT Council announces their Runners of the Year. So now with three examples (UR magazine latest series, Jason Friedman’s national rankings, and now this), we’ve got three different groups of winners, and three different methods to measure success.  It’ll be interesting to see who Ultrarunning Magazine chooses for UROY. Who’ll get it?

Some may say that owning a 200 million dollar yacht would be considered a successful life, but I would suggest that sitting in a 200 dollar kayak in the early morning, alongside a good friend and surrounded by Lofoten’s jagged peaks, is making it. But the most important thing we realised, whilst floating in those kayaks, was that we had proved to ourselves that getting back to basics was exactly where we wanted to be.

–If you’d like to escape into the pages of a casual Nordic adventure for a few minutes, check out this essay.

Riccardo runs a race with/against one of his running idols, Gary Robbins.

Three essential secrets from Lydiard.

Mountain climbing news: Ueli Steck is a freaking machine.  He just took an hour off his Eiger ascent (that’s 25% of the total time!), and his GPS data tracked it as “moderate intensity.”

Beer Mile WR holder is now a sponsored athlete. “Professional Beer Miler” has a nice ring to it, no?

Leon got hit by a bus, was in a coma for two months, and was wrecked.  Of course, he’s still running.

Football player turned cyclist, now potential JFK50 ultramarathon finisher. Anxious to see how he does!

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