Ultramarathon and Trail Daily News, Thurs, Apr 28

Ultramarathon and Trail News

Wow! Inspired by Gary Robbin’s run at Barkley this year, Tanya wrote a song about his experience. Tanya, if you’re reading this, shoot me a message, will ya?

I may need this in the fall: Top tips to better multi-day running.

This looks like a pretty cool product for securing your car keys on a run.  Anyone tried anything like it?

I hadn’t seen this 4 minute Hardrock movie before. Incredible looking race.

Three Americans that represented us well at Marathon des Sables this year: Liza, Jason, and Meghan. All solid runners and really excellent people.

Really interesting study/conclusions about the mind-clearing magic of running. We all know we’ll feel better afterwards, but now there’s science to explain why.

Last time I got into a bidding war, I ended up with a 12′ alpenhorn, but I’m tempted to throw some money at buying 9 square inches of Nicky Symonds’ arm.

Didya hear out latest podcast with Jade Belzberg? Many of the top athletes in MUT running have running spouses/partners, and Sarah and I got a chance to talk to Nickadeums Hollon’s better half right after her first hundred miler.  Lots of lessons learned, and plenty of surprising details, give it a listen.

Downside: This guy got mauled by a pissed off mama bear in Alaska.  Upside: He lived, and he could have one of the coolest tattoos ever.

Ah, dangit, I thought this was for an ultramarathon, not a bike race.  Who drinks/enjoys beer more, runners or cyclists?

We get cool looking Salomons and fancy packs. Para-athletes get rad chairs designed by BMW.

This tween lined up to run a 5k, but was on the half marathon line instead.  Oops.  Mom freaks out when she doesn’t finish 5k, sends cops out looking for her.  Upside: Longest run to date!

I’m in the process of reviewing the Hoka Clayton, but in the meantime, Brett gave it a thorough beating on the trails in Ashland and wrote his thoughts here.

Oldie but goodie: Yes, you can. Ultras are tough, but she believes you can do it.

Zach Bitter makes a strong defense of treadmill workouts.  I didn’t realize his machine could replicate an exact route uploaded from Google. Pretty cool.

If you’re going to be at the Penn Relays this weekend, be sure to stick around for this. This 99 year old fella is racing a 100 year old woman and it should be awesome and inspiring.

The injured runner’s guide to killing time.

Review of the Spot3 GPS coming out today. Stay tuned for an excellent and thorough review from Luke.


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