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Ultramarathon and Trail News From Around the World

When Joe Uhan compliments your stride in an ultramarathon, you know you’re doing something right.  Here’s his analysis of Walmsley’s legs at Western.

Jason Schlarb is getting ready to run Hardrock after skiing it earlier this year. Hear our interview right this way.

Vermont100 is the first race I’ve seen to be drone-free (and for a good reason.)

June 16-17th, 2017 will be the Broken Arrow Skyrace. Check out this cool new video from the inaugural year, featuring URP co-host Ethan.

The rise of virtual races. No thanks.

Check it out–>>  You’ve heard Matt Flaherty’s music at the end of the podcasts, now come see him live. Music/running/beer geek fest at Bohemian Biergarten in Boulder on Sat Aug 6 at ~5pm. It’ll be my first time in Boulder in 20 years, so I’ll need someone to show me some trails!  Stay tuned for more details.  Menu shows a healthy selection of European beers, schnitzel, and soft pretzels. Ich bin aurgeregt!

Outside Mag gives Tim Olson the nod to win American Tarzan.

The guys from TAUR head up Mt Timpanogos for some fun near 12k’.

Good stuff: Magness’ thoughts and lessons from the Olympic trials.

Here’s Ian’s preview of the Dolomites SkyRace.  I pay a lot attention to the sport of MUT running, and I don’t recognize one name on that list.  (Not a commentary on the field, but rather on how big the sport is overseas.)

Eight things you should never say to a personal trainer. I’m assuming these aren’t too different than what you shouldn’t say to an ultramarathon or running coach.

Want to hear one of my favorite interviews ever? Here’s Alan Abbs recounting his record run at Vol State 500k a few years ago.  The race is going on now and I’m sure we’ll hear some more crazy tales from Tennessee. #vs500k on Twitter for the next few days.

The psychology of muscle soreness.

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