Ultramarathon and Trail News, Fri, July 8

Ultramarathon News

Noah Droddy may be a weirdo in track and field, but he’d fit in perfectly in the ultramarathon or trail scene.

Want to dislike Nike even more? Here’s the guy in charge of athletic marketing.

Trying to figure out the differences between the Suunto models and generations? Skurka’s on it.

Getting a kick out or watching Tim Olson build fires, climb vines, and eat bugs on American Tarzan.  Who’s next to fail a challenge? The mom who complains all the time?

Running 72 miles of the Appalachian Trail through the Smoky Mountains in one day. Great write up!

New podcast with Kevin Moore.  Listen to this one.  Sponsored by North Face Endurance Challenge Wisconsin.

Steve Magness tweets: When Dr. Rosa decided to help out Kenyan marathoners in 1990,only 1 Kenyan was in the top 100 in the world.

Learning from the best long distance runners.  At least one Nordic view.

Looks like the Trailhead Fire that threatened the Western States course (and nearby towns) is almost contained. Nice work, firefighters.

The USOC and Team USA are raining on Olympians’ parades and hindering America’s success in the future by using tactics and policies like these.   It’s a drop in the bucket, but please, if you’ve got pics from the trials or games, send them my way and I’ll publish them.

And though I struggle with race walking as a sport worthy of the Olympics, Maria gives an insiders look at the sponsor/financial issues of surviving as a professional athlete.

Anton’s latest climbing adventure.


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