Ultramarathon and Trail News, Thurs, Aug 4

Apparently unaware of a silly post on an obscure ultramarathon podcast site, the IOC decides to add five new events to the Tokyo Games in 2020.

I have no idea what this article is about.  People will have to play games to get a chance to buy Nikes online from Virgin?  Please, someone, explain what Virgin Mega is. Is Pokemon involved?

I haven’t got through all of this, but the latest bombshell interview with ex-WADA chief on Propublica looks interesting and disappointing, but hardly surprising.

Tweet from Renee Anne Shirley (@RAnneShirley) 😎 pic.twitter.com/OBBtFjGNvn










Here’s our latest episode with Andrew Miller, M1 at Western States Endurance Run.  Listener/reader John Kilpatrick summarized it best:

“So, the guy that isn’t old enough to drink wins Western States and goes home to play his trumpet. He tried a beer but didn’t like it, is in bed by 9, listens to 50s Jazz (but nothing while running), wants to do UTMB because Western States is fun but sort of flat, doesn’t watch TV or know who superheroes are, and has never ever ran a road race. Neat guy and great podcast!”

Unless you have kids, it’s difficult to describe or appreciate the pain involved with these sorts of injuries.

The Nathan ultramarathon team roster now includes Jim Walmsley, Zach Miller, Camille Herron, and Sage Canaday. Not a bad lineup!

The Orange Mud Endurance Pack claims to fit men and women, big and small, all the same.  I let my friend Laura check it out, and here’s what she found.  Her husband will try it next.

What it takes to be(come) an Olympic-level photographer.

Request: Looking for a multi-day stage race expert to chat with.  If you’re that person or know of someone, please let me know. Thanks.

To hell with the Beer Mile. Here’s the Taco Mile.

Slow news day. What did I miss?

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