Ultramarathon and Trail News, Tue, Mar 22

Ultramarathon and Trail News

Coach David breaks it down with a cake analogy (something I understand) :  If you want to run fast, you need to learn to run easy.

This is awesome: We get to watch the DFL finisher at Ft Clinch 100 on his final mile, with all focus on him. He seems to go through every emotion possible, we see his body regain energy, and we see a crowd of people waiting for him to finish, offering congratulations and hugs.  Looks like a great time.

Good interview with ultramarathon and trail stud Robbie Briton that’s littered with bits of British humor.

Here’s Ellie’s report from Chuckanut, along with her Strava data.  Nice to see her back killing it!

Ed Whitlock added another two WRs to his mantle over the weekend.  He’s 85, and old Ed could beat most of us on the track.

Hey IOC, USOC, and Olympic Committee, this is what you look like.
Hey IOC, USOC, and Olympic Committee, this is what you look like.

Important: Olympics, USOC, and IOC, you should be ashamed. Rule 40 is absolute garbage and leaves an awful taste in my mouth.  I understand and appreciate the need to protect large sponsors rights, but this has gone way too far.  My reach and influence is only as big as URP, but I’ll be advocating and posting messages on behalf of the smaller companies who sponsor athletes and will ask other writers, bloggers, and influencers to do the same.  Bravo to Oiselle founder Sally for really shining a light on this issue.

You want 23 minutes of footage from unbelievable trails around the world? Here’s Runnexplorer’s experiment of running for fun without any races or training plans to worry about.

…and for a video a bit less serious, I think I’ve watched this 20 times this morning and it gets funnier each time.

Is this real or comedy? Writer accuses Zuckerberg of faking running pictures. The proof? He’s smiling in all of them.

I’ve got an MUT friend who swears by kettle bells. Here’s how to make them work for runners.  Have you used them?

Small town race last night. I finished first overall male, and last male. I guess the wind and rain kept people away.  Sac people: Each Mon night at 6:30, distances range from 3-8 miles and always end at bar or brewery.  $40 for ten races.

Running: The art of never being satisfied.  For a large segment of roadie weekend warriors, I’d say that’s true. But take the ultramarathon and trail crowd and most have a positive attitude post-race.  Sure, we could’ve done something different, but I’d argue that most of find satisfaction in what we do.

Deadspin does a heckuva job covering Lizzy Hawker’s foray back into ultrarunning.

I reviewed the Elliptigo 8C right here.  Very poor writing for such a fun review.

Check it out: The guys at TAUR  post a comprehensive review of Spring ’16 trail shoes.  My favorites are the NorthFace Lightwave TRs and the Montrail Caldorados.

Just noticed that the Ancient Redwoods Run Festival is a short drive from one of my favorite breweries in Northern California.  Might just have to make a pit stop!

Elite 10k runner and mom opens up about postpartum stretch marks.

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