Ultramarathon and Trail News, Wed, July 13

Bronco Billy and Jesse Haynes took off on an awesome adventure through Oregon’s Canyonlands with a pro photographer and some other ultra geeks. Check it all out here.

Here are my ideas on how to refresh the Summer Olympic Games. Decathlon…gone.  Modern Pentathlon…keep.  1500 replaced with mile.  Gymnastics and diving all cut.  Add an Iron Cross Endurance Challenge.  And more.

Cory’s heading into Badwater with confidence. I’m anxious to see how he does.

Has anyone tried Lagunitas’ canned concoction 12th of Never?  Sounds like either a great summer beer or a weak Orange Top.

Kilian’s interview with IRF before Hardrock this weekend.

Watch Guillaume wind his way through the trails and streets in Barcelona, Spain.  Of all the cities I’ve visited, Barcelona is right up there in the top three.

Ghelfi wrote a great piece on his relationship with Mt Shasta and his quest for the FKT. You’ll have to click on his Strava data at the end to get his time.

I’ve never seen URP referred to as “Ultramarathon News”, but hey, I appreciate the nod! Thanks for including us in your list Jane.

New Salomon video on the Bob Graham Round. Check it out.

Can running make yoo smarter?

Five can’t-miss summer destinations (for those with deep pockets.)  I’ll visit one of them.

I love checking out this data each year: Results from the WS runners survey.

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