Ultramarathon and Trail Running Daily News | Mon, July 10

Awesome: Red Bull X-Alps combines trail running and paragliding. Here’s a video that’ll help.

When dropping out of a race is the right move.

Be sure to check out Jeff Ball’s report from Western where he really learned to suffer–and depend on his pacers. The timing board is obscured in the pic…he finished in 23:03 for his first hundred miler. Nice!

Grant Guise gives us the details about his final week of Hardrock preparation. 

I’m curious if/when we’ll see any of this technology in running shoes.

Daaaang. Jared Campbell and Luke Nelson completed all of Utah’s 13k’ers in 32 hours this weekend.  Waiting for more details.

She flew from NH to Alaska to run Mt Marathon.  Here’s her story.  (BTW, I’m putting my name in for next year.)

Some people aren’t taking the news of Oregon’s bike tax well.

Did you catch the Strava photo essay of Kaci and Stephanie? Find out more here.

Virginia’s triple crown (Mcafee Knob, Tinker Cliffs, and Dragon’s Tooth) look awesome. What’s the running scene like?

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Interviewing someone this morning who’s running Vermont 100 (AWD division) this weekend. He’s got a great story and I’m excited to share it with you. Stay tuned.

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