Ultramarathon and Trail Running Daily News | Monday, Dec 11

All the trail, track, timed, road, and otherwise ultramarathon results from this weekend, meticulously curated by Justin at IRF.  Camille Herron is on one hell of a streak right now, shattering long-standing records at every chance. It’ll be interesting to see how the UROY voters weigh her accomplishments. You’ll get a chance to hear Sarah’s, Jamil’s, and my opinions on our URP EOY roundup we’re recording this week. Stay tuned.

Once I accepted that something MAY go wrong, that a bad day was possible again, and that I knew I could handle it, a change came over me. I felt calm.  There was no more fear of the unknown. I went for it. I was all in. 

–Read this: Here’s an excellent report from Kris Law’s run at CIM, chock full of training tips and racing advice. 

According to Strava, a small town in Northern Ireland has the UK’s fastest runners. I’d love to see a list for the rest of the world. Anyone?

The FKT proboards were like “nah, bro. Where’s your GPS data? No calls, no pics?!? And there’s no way you made that ascent in those fancy shoes and overcoat without sweating!” Then they and their families were sent to NK prison camps for the rest of their lives.

Mount Rushmore of IPAs.

Aaron from Texas sent me this pic titled “The Mount of Rushmore of IPAs.” We had a healthy talk about what represents the style (really a mix of IPAs and DIPAs), and I recommended replacing the Crusher with Moonraker’s Benevolent Overlord and adding on Treehouse Brewing’s Bright to the list, with possible Avery’s Maharaja representing a classic DIPA. What did we miss? 

When your child is in the path of a forest fire and your childhood school is at risk of burning to the ground, how do you focus on the moment and run a good ultramarathon?  New post by Sarah right this way.

So what’s more important? Getting my eight hours of sleep or getting less sleep, but getting a workout in before work? A sleep expert weighs in.

This guy wrote a post asking some questions about Kilian’s Everest attempt and here are some of KJ’s answers to the query/accusation. Quick thoughts: Kilian’s claims seem legit to me and have reasonable answers, but I’m by no means well versed in Everest routes.  What bothers me is the response by some many that we dare question Kilian’s claims. Neither he nor his claims should not be immune to healthy skepticism, as the fetishization of anyone is dangerous and blinding. Further, in the true ethos of FKTs, releasing information, pictures, data, and all supporting evidence as soon as possible is paramount, whether or not you’ve got a commercial/sponsor wanting to monetize it. 

In case you missed it, here’s an interview I recorded with Kelly Wolf last week where we covered everything from gymnastics, cannabis legalization, eating disorders, and rock climbing. And hey, don’t overlook that awesome deal from CTS/Jason Koop about getting your first month of training for 99 cents.

Long time running coach Joe Newton passed away this weekend and the outpouring of grief was substantial. Must’ve been quite a guy.

I see it all the time: Friends on vacation posting to FaceBook and returning emails while they’re supposed to be taking a break from work. This new trend of adventure vacations sounds like a pretty good idea to really relax and get away from it all.

More for newer runners, but still good reminders about dealing with a bad race and how to move on.

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