Ultramarathon and Trail Running Daily News | Monday, Feb 26

Trail and ultramarathon results from this past weekend, courtesy of Justin and IRF. 

Meanwhile, the Tokyo Marathon was a shootout, with Kipsang dropping early and Amy Cragg holding on for a strong third. If this is a harbinger of things to come, the 2020 Tokyo games are going to be bananas

When their billion dollar fighter jet lost pressure and all navigation, these incredible aviators depended on their Garmin to get them back to base safely

Hill repeats yesterday with Sunny.

It looks like they’ve found a venue for the inaugural Ultra Trail Scotland.

Latest Mountain Outhouse news update. Yep, that tunnel ultramarathon is nuts. (LINK FIXED)

NYT: Everything you need to know about women and running.

Since I’m not running at the moment, I feel as though I have lost my identity, who I am. I’m lost in getting back to the β€œrunner I was.” Trying desperately to prove to myself that this emptiness I feel can be fixed if I can just run again, if I could just walk down the street like a normal person, if I could just push through the pain of each step, if I could only go back in time and not step on that rock that cast me off the mountain side. If only . . . .

HIllary Allen opens up about struggling with her identity after her injury and recovery. Great read for anyone who’s been in that position. Here’s out interview with Hillary from Feb 2017, before the accident.

More on recovery: Here’s a post about Chris DeNucci’s recovery from his surgery late last year and how he’s still targeting Western States this June.

transelkirks ultramarathonLooking for an epic trail adventure in British Columbia and want to save a hundred bucks on race entry? Use TSRURP at check out for $100 off the Transelkirks Run in Revelstoke, BC. Choose between 100k and 100M three or five day adventures that bring you back to luxury accommodations each night. Looks like a great runcation opportunity, and under the watchful eye of RD Jacob Puzey, it’s sure to test your mettle.

It’s all about breathing properly, right? Science: Hold your breath while sprinting.

Hop on over to iRunFar to share your thoughts on a potential trail running advocacy group. 

Will we see people lining up at the mall and fighting eachother like we did for Jordans? Probably not.

From the Well, No Duh file: Social media posts about fitness pursuits may affect other people.

The world’s most colorful natural phenomenon. Incredible!

New podcast and two new reviews dropping today. Be sure you’re subscribed to the URP page right this way.

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