Ultramarathon and Trail Running Daily News | Monday, Mar 5

Justin/IRF reports on all of the ultramarathon and trail running results from this weekend. My takeaways from Way Too Cool:

  • Ladia Albertson-Junkans’ and Abby Levene’s races stood out to me as especially strong performances. Both very tough women who showed guts and grit…Ladia will be on URP tomorrow to share her story.
  • Welp, remind me again to never look past Max King when he lines up at a muddy 50k. From Fourmidable 50k last year to Saturday’s WTC, he’s the true king of any surface, any distance.
  • Jared’s 2nd place is another example of the success of the Coconino Cowboys. I know, some hip runners like to roll their eyes at the dudes in the Canyon, but they’re putting up awesome performances and are having a blast doing it. Jared will be running after his Golden Ticket at Lake Sonoma and Jim’s on the start list too. Will they run together to make sure Jared gets the ticket?
  • I’d love to know more about Liz Ryan. She was pushing Ladia through mile 10, eventually finishing 3rd. It was her first ultra and first trail race and I was impressed with her performance. What’s next for this road runner from Boston?

Shocking! The TUE process is being abused again. This has got to be addressed and enforced or all the testing in the world will be pointless.

And….it looks like Ruth Jebet may have been popped for EPO.

Great lesson: How your brief HS track or XC career can change your life forever.

RIP Sir Roger Bannister.

“I think fat shaming is a disaster, but that is a different ball game from being told, quite sensibly, by people that you are obese and you have an uncertain future if you don’t do something about it.”

Interesting discussion about being blunt about obesity.

URP comes in at 6th place for top running podcasts. Thanks!

Yes, I watched the indoor T&F champs this weekend (as much as I could, anyway), and have never seen such a bizarre atmosphere re: DQ’s. It seemed competitors were more concerned with the judges than the other runners, and that shouldn’t be the case.

I made it across the line in 19:58:37 – wooooohoooooo! It felt awesome. It certainly wasn’t my best race, but it was a solid one. Most importantly, I had fun. I reminded myself that racing doesn’t have to feel like torture, which was exactly what I needed to get my mojo back for the 2018 season. And I was so excited to get through the race without throwing up that I celebrated by drinking a beer on the finish – puking streak was over!!!

And then five minutes later I threw up the beer. Hey-ho, can’t win them all!

–I love Stephanie Case’s reports. Here’s her most recent from a good run at Transgrancanaria.  Her issue with not identifying languages and accents while severely fatigued is familiar to me, actually. Anyone else? I’ve just always called it “the stupids.”  And here’s our interview with Stephanie from last year, right after she fell down a mountain in the Alps, but right before she ran Western. It’s Monday morning, listen to the first 20s and try not to laugh.

Currently wearing indoor soccer shoes while trail running.

PR folks, brand reps, store owners, and shoe slingers: Who makes a trail/hybrid shoe in a kids 1.5 besides Salomon? Nothing against Salomon, just looking for (ahem, cheaper) options. Plenty of “running shoes” online, but they’re not running shoes. Any help? Thanks!




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