Ultramarathon and Trail Running Daily News, Thurs, Jan 19

Probably the most common question ultramarathon and trail running coaches get: What should my training look like if I run five days each week? Coach David is on it.

Jeff’s race report from his Golden Ticket win at Bandera.

Here’s a great story about Dave Odell, a guy who ran 50 miles around a track for his 50th birthday (and for charity), and who sounds like he loves every single bit of this wacky community.

And here are some trail tips for women with Inov-8 athlete Jasmin Paris.

Bryon’s picks for the best new trail shoes from Winter OR.

Canadian record holder for the marathon discusses body image and sexualization of female runners.

Beer. Yoga. Australia wins!

Busted already for EPO, this anti-doping advocate is back to racing–and winning–ultras.  Article in en espanol, but here’s some background on him in English.

it came about as a solution to a set of problems raised by the needs of a reformed penal system that wanted to punish prisoners heart and soul without actually killing them.

Happy 200th Birthday, Treadmill!

Looks like there’s a dustup going on between a few cool races and ultrasignup.  I sure hope it’s just a big misunderstanding.

Big congrats to URP co-host Sarah Lavender Smith for winning the RunUltra Blogger Award!

Have you tried the SFuels bars yet? Here’s an update: The company had planned on having enough to give away for a few months, but…the demand from URP was ginormous and they blew through all 250 sample packs in the first day.  So, they announced an additional 250 sample packs that they could distribute, then blew out of those in the first week. So…If you’d still like to get access to a sample pack free of charge, then click here (NEW LINK), type the discount code at the Spike-FREE shop, pay small shipping fee….and your sample pack will be on its way to you. Ta-da!

With the Iditarod Trail Invitational about a month away, Alaska’s temps are hovering around 50 damn degrees below zero.

Ladies! Pay attention to these six risk factors for stress fractures.

And hey ladies, I’m trying to give away a pair of womens shoes to my Patreon supporters, but can’t seem to find a female with the right size.  Yeah, we’re playing Cinderella over here!


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