Ultramarathon and Trail Running Daily News, Thurs, Mar 24

Ultramarathon and Trail Running Daily News

The American Trail Running Association is looking to identify the best trail towns in the US.  One criteria is….trails.  The other is does it have a strong ultramarathon and trail running culture?  Where would you recommend?

Cross training tips for injured runners.

In other words, avoiding pre-judging would mean that we think carefully through the practical and ethical implications of, for example, US and international militaries that test and employ PEDs widely (!). What is at stake with their use of PEDs? Or, what of university students who use cognitive enhancements within high-pressure academic settings? Or, what of using nerve-suppressing PEDs for classical musicians facing make-or-break auditions? Within these vastly different settings, rightly or wrongly, PEDs are common. My point is not to extoll or dismiss enhancements in these areas but rather to point out the need to avoid hasty, ill-informed judgments on complex issues.

–Matt from Ultra168 submits a well-reasoned and calm discussion about drugs in ultramarathons and trail running.  Do you agree with his analysis?

Did you catch our latest interview with Jason Schlarb?  He, Scott Simmons, Paul Hamilton, and videographer Noah Howell skied the Hardrock course, just finishing a few days ago, saying it was without a doubt the hardest thing he’s ever done.  Check it out here.

The episode was sponsored by the Broken Arrow Sky Race.  Held one week before Western States in Tahoe, there’s a 26k, 52k, and a nasty little Vertical K.  Entrants list is already looking pretty legit.  Find out more here.

Mario’s Morning Shakeout.  Good stuff again.

The 41-year old man from Bistrita trained all winter by running half-naked in the Tihuta pass, by sleeping outdoors during cold winter nights, and by bathing in frozen lakes.

The winner of the 566k polar ultramarathon returns home and shares his thoughts of the race.

Campers will appreciate these: Indestructible tent stakes.

Instead of quitting school and asking outdoor companies to sponsor him, he’s the Lead Engineer at a high-profile firm; instead of talking about himself on social media he spends quality time with his family, and rather than thinking it’s cool to live out the back of truck, he designed, built, and lives in a Net-Positive House: it produces more energy than it uses for all its heating, lighting, and even transportation requirements. 

Sometimes nice guys do finish first.

Quick get-to-know-ya with Jared Campbell.

Do you have no idea what electrolytes actually do? This’ll get you started.

Diet: There’s a huge conflict of interest between the studies and manufacturers of….cat food.


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