Ultramarathon and Trail Running Daily News | Tue, Jan 30

Sarah’s tips for applying ultramarathon lessons to real life. 

“The problem when you win Big Dog Backyard Ultra is that it means that you did not really reach your limits; your race stopped because all the others runners called it quits, not because you decided that it was enough…”

The Guardian covers one of my favorite races from last year: The Big Dog Backyard Ultra.

Speaking of Laz’s events, there’s a trail segment in BC looks like it’d be perfect Barkley training. Here’s a short video and here’s the 40% downhill Strava segment.

Caffeine is a PED. Koop explains the why’s and how-to’s right this way.

Seven shades of mud. Our trails in Northern California are pretty dry still. Yours?

Here’s the latest from Mario’s Morning Shakeout. (I just pledged $8/month towards his new Patreon account. Will you?)

Looking for a waterproof running jacket with an exceptionally well-designed hood? Check out Ben’s latest review of the Ultimate Direction Ultra 2.0 jacket.

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